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Gita Bhawan Hospital is a full fledged 140 bed medical centre with 250 staff members located in the heart of the city of Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Starting as a medical clinic in 1967, this institution evolved into a full hospital in 1982 and has served the local community uninterrupted since then. We have a full set of departments led by eminent specialists: Medicine (Dr. P. Mehta), Orthopedic (Dr. V. K. Taore), Surgery (Dr. S. Gupta), Pediatric (Dr. R. Mehta), Neurology (Dr. V. V. Nadkarni), E.N.T. (Dr. V. K. Maheshwari), Eye (Dr. S. H. Bhatia), Nephrology (Dr. N. Pahwa), Dental (Dr. A. Mittal), Diabetes (Dr. B. K. Sethia), Sonography (Dr. S. Bhide) and Pathology (Dr. H. Shah). Before COVID19, we served 200-300 patients per day. Founded by the Gita Bhawan Trust, our goal is to serve humanity and all charges are kept to a minimum. We believe that healthcare should be affordable and accessible to people from every section of society and that every person is entitled to a happy and healthy life.

2021 May 2: URGENT: COVID-19 crisis. Fundraiser in progress to build an oxygen plant.

Oxygen Air Separation Plant Fundraiser

Why Now?

There is a dire need for hospital beds and oxygen to care for and save patients suffering from COVID19. Despite rising COVID19 cases, Gita Bhawan Charitable Hospital was forced to run at only 40% capacity, due to a lack of oxygen. 60% of beds are VACANT, while thousands of people are dying due to unavailability of hospital beds.

Project Description

To meet urgent COVID19 patient needs, Gita Bhawan Hospital, Indore requires installation of an Oxygen Air Separation Plant capable of producing 28.2 cubic meters per hour, or 470 L/min (liters per minute) of oxygen. This is enough to supply 94 admitted patients at an oxygen flow rate of 5 L/min at a concentration of 93% ± 3% in a self-sufficient manner. Depending on their blood oxygenation levels, not all admitted patients require 5 L/min of oxygen at such a high concentration, often 2 L/min is enough. Any excess oxygen not used at the hospital shall be diverted to filling oxygen cylinders to support the local community. The proposed plant’s capacity is approximately equivalent to filling 100 oxygen cylinders of 7 cubic meter capacity per day.

The proposed Oxygen Air Separation Plant is the GO 470 model made by Trident Pneumatics. It includes an air compressor, bacterial filters with a PLC-based controller system with a manifold system for automatic switchover to a secondary oxygen supply. The selected system is compatible with the ISO 10083 standard governing Oxygen concentrator supply systems for use with medical gas pipeline systems. The standard details can be found here

Additional details about how the Plant works can be found here

Construction Plan

The Plant is a pre-manufactured machine and has a physical size of 6 x 8 x 7 feet. Gita Bhawan Hospital has the space to deploy with a robust connection to the 75 kW electrical junction box capable of supplying the required 37 KW of power. In addition, it shall be directly connected to the in-building pipeline distributing oxygen to the patients at their bedside. The Plant has a manufacturer warranty of 12 months from the date of commissioning.

The installation shall be handled by the local distributor and construction company Industrial Products Bhopal. They have been in business for last 10 years and completed 10-12 installations per year before COVID19.


The Plant can be commissioned in approximately 5 weeks from the date of a confirmed purchase order. The COVID19 crisis in India shows no signs of abating in the near future, and even after the acute period of crisis is over, such an oxygen Plant deployed at a charitable Hospital will clearly help support the community’s needs locally for years to come.

Financial Plan

Cost of Plant Rs 70,00,000 ~ US $95,000

Cost of Commissioning Rs 7,00,000 ~ US $9,500

Total Cost Rs 77,00,000 ~ US $104,500

The commissioning clock starts when we have raised 50% of the above Plant amount so that we can make the required 50% advance payment to the manufacturer. The hospital will cover operating expenses after installation from local funds.

Request for Help

Please help save lives by contributing any amount to this cause using the link:



Unlike donating to a big organization where it is often difficult to measure the impact of your contribution, this is a tangible small scale project helping a charitable Hospital in a tier-2 city of India save lives of patients with COVID19 in a directly measurable manner. The funds collected shall be disbursed from the US to India by Small Steps Foundation based in Fremont CA. Please share this worthy cause with your friends and family and do remember to include a personal message, if you can. It really does help. Time is of the essence.

Tax Deductibility

Charitable contributions made to this project by US based individuals through Small Steps Foundation are tax deductible under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS tax code. The Gita Bhawan Hospital is exempted under section 80G of Income Tax Act and registered with FCRA to receive overseas donations.


Out Patient Department (O.P.D.) Service

Offered three times a week, our O.P.D. serves the largest number of patients compared to all other private hospitals in Indore. The O.P.D. is conducted by renowned consultants at most nominal charges.

Operation Theatres and ICCU

Multiple operation theaters: 1+1 Minor Theatre of Ophthalmic Surgery; 1+1 Labour Room for Obstetrics and Gynecology; 4 Major + 2 Minor Operation Theatres for Ortho, Neuro, Euro, E.N.T. and General Surgery. The accompanying 14-bed ICCU is equipped with a Ventilator, C pep bi pep, bed-side multi-paramonitors, infusion pump, defibrillator. The ICCU is monitored by experienced doctors round-the-clock.

Dialysis Unit and Obstetric Department

Each patient receives 4-5 dialysis free every month. We have six of the latest dialysis machines. Advanced facilities for caesarean delivery and family planning surgeries are available.

Epilepsy Camps and Free Meals

Epilepsy campus are conducted on the first Saturday of every month and free medicines are distributed. Every day, morning tea and free meals are provided to all admitted patients.


Banwarilal Jaju

Patron Trustee, Gita Bhawan Trust

Gopaldas Mittal

Chairman, Gita Bhawan Trust

Ramchandra Airen

Honorary Secretary, Gita Bhawan Trust

Somnath Kohli

Honorary Secretary, Executive Committee of Gita Bhawan Hospital

Mahesh Chandra Shastri

Honorary Joint Secretary, Executive Committee of Gita Bhawan Hospital

Prem Goyal

Member, Executive Committee of Gita Bhawan Hospital



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Manoramaganj, Indore-452001, Madhya Pradesh, India. Google map location link here .